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Our Services 

Sam is qualified to treat any animal that is deemed appropriate by a veterinarian, mainly working with horses, dogs, cats and the occasional farm animal.

What is veterinary physiotherapy?

Veterinary Physiotherapy may be defined as the use of physical techniques for the treatment of soft tissue injuries and movement dysfunction and working in collaboration with your vet is a recognised method of treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many equine and small animal injuries. Veterinary Physiotherapy encompasses many different techniques including manual therapy and the use of modern therapeutic modalities such as a range of electrotherapies.

Remedial exercise and rehabilitation is an important part of Veterinary Physiotherapy.

As a Veterinary Physiotherapist I specialise in Equine and Canine Physiotherapy working closely with both vets and with owners

Twin Dogs
Canine Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy can help improve your dog's quality of life. Helping them get back on their feet after surgery or simply managing chronic conditions such as arthritis. 

Equine Physiotherapy 

Improving performance and quality of life. Helping your horse get back into competition after surgery or simply managing chronic conditions such as arthritis. 

Other Animals 

At Foxwood Veterinary Physiotherapy, we are trained to treat all species from horses and dogs to mice and snakes. We will always do our utmost to help all animals! 

LASER Therapy

Here at Foxwood, we offer laser treatments using a class 3b EMS laser unit. There are many benefits to laser treatments and it is becoming increasingly popular in the veterinary world.

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